If it’s your first experience with sailing yachts in general or you don’t prefer to cover long distances at sea between destinations, then the cruises available on this level are the most suitable for you. The chosen areas are usually of mild winds throughout the whole season, with a variety of anchorage options in case of bad weather. At this level, your participation in the sailing procedures is optional but during the cruise our crew will still be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and teach you all the basic skills. The “Beginner” level is recommended for families with young children or for passengers with little or no previous experience in sailing.

  • Small distances (Approx. 150NM in total)
  • Mild winds (2-4 BF)
  • Optional participation in sailing
  • No previous experience needed
  • All ages


This level addresses to people with some previous experience or to those who want to have a more powerful start on sailing. The selected cruises cover longer distances between destinations and often meet stronger winds on route, giving the crew a chance to test and improve their sailing skills. At this level, your participation in the sailing procedures is suggested as during practice you learn to operate as a team with different roles and duties. The “Intermediate” level is recommended for people older than 12 and for “Beginners” who want to try a higher level of sailing.

  • Longer distances (Approx. 200NM in total)
  • Medium winds (3-5 BF)
  • Suggested participation in sailing
  • Previous experience advised
  • Ages >12


You’ve found your place on deck, you know how to tie a knot, steer, adjust the sails and you are able to play with the wind and the waves. Join this level and conquer the N. Aegean Sea during a cruise of more than 200NM! Major crosses on rough sea with teamwork and lots of waves will bring out the true sailor in you. Previous experience in sailing and participation on board is mandatory, as all hands on deck are needed during this demanding route. The “Advanced” level is recommended for experienced sailors or for “Intermediates” who want to extend their limits in sailing.

  • Long distances (Approx. 250NM in total)
  • Strong winds (4-6 BF)
  • Mandatory participation in sailing
  • Previous experience required
  • Ages >16