What is UDYSSEA?

UDYSSEA (UDefine Your Sea, Sailing & Environmental Action) is an innovative project, which adds value to the sailing experience and nautical tourism, as it provides ready-made solutions for sailing routes, but also offers the opportunity for tailor-made nautical routes combining elements from the local natural, cultural and human environment.

In a few words: What if you could create your own sailing adventure and choose your preferred destinations and activities?

With UDYSSEA you can built through a step by step procedure a unique sailing trip in the Aegean Sea in Greece! Select among various destinations to travel and add one or more activities to do!

What UDYSSEA offers?

By choosing the best of every destination, and with the idea of promoting bonding between the travelers, we offer activities that will bring everyone closer to the local culture, environment, and people.

  • Join the daily life of the locals, hear their stories, share their passion and dreams,and interact with them through a great variety of activities.
  • Contribute through several environmental actions (beach cleaning, animal-protection programs, etc.) and learn more about the special needs of each destination.
  • Meet the history, the legends and the stories of each destination and connect the past with the present.

The joy of participation and the thrill of creation makes the whole experience something much more than just another vacation trip.

Choose one of our ready-make packages or create your own UDYSSEA and discover a whole new world. All the while under our guidance and professional assistance as we take you through the journey step by step making sure you are free of any inconvenience and trouble. After those 7 days your life will never be the same again…

Through 3 different levels of sailing experience it addresses to all ages and tastes, and with the help of our experienced crew the whole excursion is adjusted to your needs and skills.

All you have to do is to bring the explorer out of you and create a unique adventure with our help!

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