Welcome to Santorini


The most famous sunset in the most spectacular island!

Welcome to the most famous island of the world! The magic of Santorini creates strong emotions and even stronger desire to visit the island and admire a stunning sunset. This volcano – based island forms a unique combination of land and sea with the view of Caldera as a cliff to take your breath away. Ideal destination for romantic moments and a place where so many couples create their own path together…


Still alive and a challenge to visit!

Santorini has a unique natural beauty because of all the landmarks created by volcanic eruptions. Within the caldera, this activity created the dark-colored islands of Nea and Palea Kameni. Choose a catamaran to discover the beauties of the island and book a day cruise to admire this unique destination in your route.

Red, Black and White beach

Choose the color of your beach

Three entirely different beaches in color and sand, standing next to each other and creating a unique view. The most popular spots of the island to enjoy swimming and sunbath as they add a bit of adventure if you want to visit them. It makes it a lot easier and impressive if you approach by boat  and explore all the impressive coastline.


Get lost there before or after sunset...

The capital of Santorini island offers the very best of the traditional architecture of Cyclades and so much more. Carved in the cliff of Caldera, with numerous cafes, bars and restaurants right on the edge, Fira will definitely impress you. Enjoy walking in the narrow streets or choose to enjoy the magnificent view where the sea reveals so many beauties. Try to visit them by sea on a cruise as the view from down it’s really unique!


The million dollars sunset

So many pictures, so many photos taken and so many eyes witnessed the magic sunset from the northest village of Santorini. Oia is a place to be and explore, to get lost in the alleys and to taste traditional tastes in any of many small spots in the area. Walk hand in hand with your beloved ones until sunset and then share a moment of a lifetime…

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