How it works?

What if you could just open the map and bring the explorer out of you? Don’t hesitate, get on board and create your tailor-made experiential cruise around the hidden gems of N. Aegean islands.

With our smart platform and through a user-friendly, step by step procedure, you will be able to select your boat, choose your destinations, add the experiences and complete an unforgettable cruise. Let’s see how it works:

You choose the departure date of your 8days/7nights cruise, every week from Saturday 15:00 to Saturday 09:00. You should know that every cruise returns to the initial place of embarkation (Halkidiki) on Friday evening, but you leave the boat the next morning.

Decide which type of yacht suits you best for your UDYSSEA. Every cruise is staffed with our experienced crew which will help you on board, teach you some sailing skills and guide you all the way through the various activities in each destination. Depending on the number of passengers in your group and the kind of comfort you prefer you can choose among the following options:

  • A 3 cabin sailing yacht for up to 6 passengers + crew
  • A 4 cabin sailing yacht for up to 8 passengers + crew
  • A 6 cabin catamaran for up to 8 passengers + crew


Each type of yacht has a different price, but for all the following are included:

  • 8days/7nights of accommodation and use of the yacht
  • 6 breakfasts (local products) and snacks
  • Crew fees
  • Fuel, water and power consumption
  • Mooring fees in public ports
  • Private and public damages insurance
  • VAT 12%
  • All extra taxes and fees
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Kitchen gas, motor oil and lubricants
  • Bed linen with a pair of towels
  • Full assistance on board and training on sailing
  • Cleaning fee

Choose the level of experience you have in sailing and with maritime environments in general. Every level has its own characteristics and demands, so we optimized the cruising distances between destinations in order to adjust them to your preference. Less miles and milder winds for beginners, longer distances and sailing crosses for intermediates, and long routes with demanding sailing for advanced. The 3 available levels are:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Choose your first destination as we depart from our base in Halkidiki. Have in mind that depending on the level you’ve chosen only the most suitable destinations will appear. For example, if your level is “Beginner” only the destinations within a limited range will appear, but if your level is “Intermediate” more distant places will show as well. In the “Advanced” level all destinations are available for your first day. No activities can be added on Day 1.

In this step and all the similar ones, you can choose either to stay in the same place and add an activity or move to another destination and add an activity after your arrival there. Of course, you have the option to stay up to 5 days in the same destination, but we recommend that you explore at least 2 or 3 different places. Remember that when sailing from place to place every cruise starts only in the morning (except Day-1 that starts at 15:00) and no night sailing is allowed.

Decide how you want to spend the day and pick one of the presented activities. In each place there are several cultural, historical, environmental and traditional activities to choose from. Every activity we offer is guided and the price is for the whole group, covering all extra expenses (transfer, entrance fees, tour guide, etc.).

During these steps you repeat the same procedure mentioned in steps 5 and 6 in order to complete the remaining days of your cruise. Apart from participating in the selected activities in each destination, our crew takes you to unique spots for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. For Day-7 keep in mind that this is the day of our return to base (Halkidiki) and that no activity can be added.

In the final step you get a full review of your selections with a breakdown of the costs. Remember that you can always change your choice of destination or activity by clicking on it. Once you complete this step your custom-made schedule is forwarded to us in order for our team to evaluate your cruise and inform you if any changes are recommended based on our experience and knowledge of the area. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible result so that you can enjoy your unique experience with less effort and cost.