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7days Catamaran Experiential Cruise Halkidiki- Alonnisos- Ag.Efstratios-Lemnos


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7days Catamaran Experiential Cruise Halkidiki- Alonnisos- Ag.Efstratios-Lemnos

During our multiday cruise you will have the chance to explore Halkidiki, Alonnisos, Agios Efstratios and Lemnos through unique activities. Do not hesitate to wonder around the secluded cafes and bars in the hidden alleyways of Alonnisos, to swim in a seal's cave or to walk on a salt lake in Lemnos!

By choosing the best of every destination, and with the idea of promoting bonding between the travelers, we offer cruises that will bring everyone closer to the local culture, environment, and people. Join the daily life of the locals, hear their stories, share their passion and dreams,and interact with them through a great variety of activities. Moreover, in every trip we give you the opportunity to contribute through several environmental actions (beach cleaning, animal-protection programs, etc.) and learn more about the special needs of each destination.


Embarkation at the port of N. Marmaras (Sithonia) or the marina of Miraggio Resort and Spa in Paliouri (Kassandra) at 16:00.

Later on, we will catch a unique sunset while swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and exploring Kassandra’s beaches. We spend the night at our base.

We set sail for our first destination, Alonissos island. Be ready to learn how to tie a knot, adjust the sails, and steer. As for the rest of the day, you can be the Captain! After an 8-hour trip, we arrive at a picturesque traditional village called Hora and take our time to relax and enjoy cold drinks in one of the many secluded bars and cafés are hidden in narrow alleyways.

For the night we will stay on Alonissos island.

After our breakfast, you will have the chance to visit Ag. Efstratios island, a small gem of the Aegean Sea. Here you can explore the crystal clear waters snorkeling, paddleboarding, or just swimming through the Aegean. A long walk inside the island is strongly recommended.  Try the local fish food, fresh and cooked in one of the few traditional taverns in the area. Then we visit the Museum of Democracy, dedicated to the people who were exiled on the island in the past years for their political beliefs.

Our shelter for the night will be a small harbor of a fishermen’s village.

Visit to the island of Lemnos and swimming in Seal’s cave is a must! Then we head to the harbor of Moudros, placed in the south part of Lemnos island.

There we visit the Maritime Tradition, Sponge, and Fishing Museum, which is dedicated to the maritime tradition of the island. We will visit the Alyki salt lake, one of the two most important wetlands on the island. This lake in the summer season turns into a salt marsh with plenty of underwater seagrasses, known as Posidonia Oceanica beds and it’s even safe to walk on.

Exploring the coastline of Lemnos, sunbathing, swimming at secluded beaches. We will end the day visiting the famous ancient temple of Cabiria, a place to worship the deities and celebrate their mystic ceremonies, called “Kaveira Mysteries”. The view from there is stunning. We will dive into the cave of Filoktitis, a unique place to swim and explore.

We spend the night at Lemnos Island.

You will visit Myrina and its famous Byzantine castle, the biggest in Aegean, with more than 10 towers and a breathtaking view! Now, let’s get your hands dirty and try your skills on pottery as we visit one of the best ceramic workshops on the island. After a short lesson from the expert, you will be able to give shape to your creation and take it home as your trophy! Explore the colorful town of Myrina, taste local dishes and delicatessen from traditional taverns, and feel the night air breeze between those narrow roads.

We spend the night at Lemnos Island.

After a light breakfast, we start our 7-hour way back to Halkidiki. By this point, you should be ready to be the skipper, so take over and sail away! The sunset, as our Udyssea comes to an end, will highlight the feelings we share on our last night on board.

We spend the night at our base.

It’s time to say goodbye, gather your belongings, say your farewell keeping in your heart all the memories and friends you made along the way. You are now a part of the sea and the sea is now a part of you…

Check out is set 09:00


  1. Marina of Miraggio Resort and Spa in Paliouri, Halkidiki.
  2. Port of N. Marmaras in Sithonia, Halkidiki.
  • Accommodation and use of the yacht for 8days/7nights
  • Tailored itinerary
  • Fuel, water consumption, and shore power
  • Greek breakfast
  • Fully equipped kitchen (Spices, olive oil, vinegar, kitchen tools, and utensils)
  • Transfer between activities
  • Guided Tours
  • Professional Skipper
  • Access to all events and activities
  • Yacht equipment
  • SUP (Paddleboard)
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Final cleaning of the yacht
  • Towels & bed linen
  • Crew Fees
  • All taxes and fees
  • All prices are final per boat
  • Transportation to and from the port (On request)
  • Meals at restaurants


  • Ag. Efstratios island
  • Museum of Democracy
  • Swimming in Seal’s cave
  • Maritime Tradition, Sponge, and Fishing Museum
  • Alyki salt lake
  • Ancient temple of Cabiria
  • Myrina Byzantine Castle
  • Pottery time

What we provide with our Multiday Cruises

Local interaction

Meet the local life, be part of several daily activities in each destination and enjoy unique moments of tradition and history.

Experienced crew

Professional guidance

Our crew and office provides you with a 24/7 assistance and guide you through your sailing adventures.


Equipped yachts

Fully maintained yachts with the proper safety and advanced equipment to make your cruise a free-worries one


"An escape from the routine of everyday life. Beautiful beaches, unique landscapes, enjoyable company, most satisfactory services, inside and outside the sailing boats!"

Jimmy A.

"We choose the last week of Sept as it would not be too hot and we got that right. We had a great time and the crew was a perfect match for us and really enjoyed their skills!"

Maria A.

"Loved everything about it, it was an unforgettable and perfect week. The captain was really good and he was good at involving the whole crew into the sailing experience."

Carl S.