sailing thessaloniki

Who said that winter time is no good for sailing?

A beautiful December's day we had one of the most

colorful sailing experiences! Arrival at midday from

Aretsou bay in Thessaloniki and with a perfect wind

we set sails! Dressed up warm but comfy we started

our route close to the shores of Thessaloniki,

meeting lots of others who had the same idea with



sailing thessaloniki


A good wine, the appropriate music and the sea made
 our day a magic one, with breathtaking views of the sky and
the city from the seaside! Lots of photos taken to catch
the moment but never enough! The sunsed ended our day
with a unique way and we gave the promise for a next


Live an experience like this and many more with YAKO SAILING in Greece and get into a dreamworld! With
many surprises and events we create unique moments and great memories for you! Dream with us...
sailing greecesailing greece
sailing greecesailing greece

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