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 Departing from our bases in N. Marmaras and Paliouri, Halkidiki is a place that offers great opportunities for sailing adventurous holidays and without doubt has the finest amazingly beautiful golden beaches in Greece. Most of the coast remains virtually inaccessible except by sea. For the Yachtsman who desires solitude and magnificent scenery this would be ideal and difficult to find places to match those in Halkidiki. Halkidiki does not have any rivers, and this is one of the reasons why the sea surrounding it, is one of the clearest in Greece.Long sandy beaches with beach bars in Nikiti, Toroni and Paliouri; alternating rocks and trees in    Sithonia; picturesque small    bays in Vourvourou; impressive rocks at the Capes of Kassandra,  Sithonia are some of the places that we visit during our trip.  Nature and sea in a unique    combination that will let you speechless along with small fish taverns with fresh seafood for those  who want to taste Greek delicatessen.




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We sail to Mount Athos and feel the supremacy of the lonely 2033m. giant guardian of the Aegean Sea and the holiness of Christianity with 20 ancient monasteries, built there from the 8th century. Mount Athos or elseAgio Orosis the spiritual center of Orthodoxy and a place where thousands of Orthodox believers gather. Mount Athos is the eastern peninsula of Halkidiki, the third 'leg', and It is famous for its green mountains, spectacular monasteries and unique spiritual aura that is ideal for meditation and reflection.  Before you enter the monastic community of Mount Athos region, you will find beautiful holiday resorts in villages Ouranoupoli and Tripiti, which have wonderful sandy beaches, crystal waters and breathtaking landscapes. The best way to discover it is by boat where you can sail around the coastlines and discover the old monasteries built on rocks and the stunning mountain of Athos.




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Amouliani, Diaporos and Kelyfos are small islands all around Halkidiki with natural ports  and inaccessible, by road, places to swim. We can enjoy there many hours of relax and  swimming and why not fishing or scuba diving!
A glass of ouzo at noon, with traditional Greek delicatessen on board and in beautiful taverns by the sea or a glass of wine at sunset there is a memory that stays forever... 
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