• Another beautiful way to celebrate Sail for Pink Day, a day dadicated to the fight against breast cancer! For the 5th year we participated in this special day with our friends and we had some unique moments during our trip. The day started from Kalamaria along with many other sailing yachts from Baxevanis Sailing School. First getting to feel comfortable with the boat for the new participants and some basic safety rules and sailing instructions. After a while we opened sail to join the rest of the fest which took part in the city center. 



We headed to the White Tower of Thessaloniki where we joined other crews and sail close to the city cente. The day was sunny and a light wind helped us open our sails and take part to a mini reggata race where everyone really enjoyed! We had the chance to meet new friends and taught them into some basic sailing skills. Lots of photos and videos and small talk during our trip in a very special day that made everyone happy!



The day ended after noon when we returned to our base after shared lots of laughs and more of sailing from everyone on board. New skippers raised and new friendships started as always when people meet at sea... We need to thank anyone who helped for that event to take place and our new friends who joined us on a very special day! We all wait for you again next year to share unique moments on board!