Free, unique, adventurous, eco-friendly and fun are only a few of many characteristics of sailing vacation! So why not to include, in such an experience, your whole family? This is the best way to move away from everyday routine or the same old traditional way of having vacations and instead you’ll get your own little paradise aboard a sailing yacht which will take you on another magical destination each day. To do so we provide you a few tips to get the best from family sailing vacation:
1 Sun cream and water
Two most important things to have aboard for you and your children are sun cream and water. You need to protect you and your children from Sun with sun cream, hats, glasses and spend as many time as possible under the shadows. Second thing is water as you need to keep your crew hydrated.  Also you have to keep in mind that food need to be stored properly and that you need to eat as healthy r as possible.
Oh one more thing very important aboard are swimsuits, do not forget to bring your swimsuits.
2 Safety
First safety precaution is to let know your charterer that there will be children aboard and how old are those children. If there are and special treatment required for you or your kids do not hesitate to ask. Also if your kids tend to wander around it is good to ask your charterer for the safety net for the yacht just to prevent any wandering overboard. Also good precaution measurement for elder crew members who get a little bit tipsy after too much relaxing.
 3 Crew
Even if you are experienced sailor it is always recommended to have a skipper aboard while sailing with your wife and kids. Otherwise it is just to exhausting to entertain your kids, entertain your wife and sail in the same time. Therefore, it is recommended to rent a professional skipper who will help you in navigation, teach you a lot about local area, appoint you to the best places, advise you regarding any needs you have and entertain you and your whole crew, he will be your skipper and a tour guide. As it usually goes you hire a skipper but in the end you get a buddy. 
4 Relaxed Timetable and itinerary
Keep in mind that you are here for vacation, to relax and enjoy, and not to run from sight to sight just to see as many as possible and eventually end up exhausted. Pick a few destinations you would like to visit, not too far away from each other and suitable to your needs and desires. Few places that will provide you a great experience to whole crew and which will leave you enough time to take a stop anywhere you want for a swim or relaxation.  And for the first destination always pick some close place so you can acclimatize to a boat without exaggeration.
Good thing that we are always ready to prepare you an itinerary suitable to your needs. But the fact is that you’ll define your route on the way. There’s always some secret bay you will visit or destination where you’ll want to stay longer than predicted. Just keep an open mind and enjoy.
5 Additional Fun
Bring some additional accessories for your kids.  Although technology always comes handy with games and cartoons, maybe this time you should think about some watersport equipment as skies, tubes, snorkeling gear, stand up pedals, kayaks etc. Maybe even fishing gear for some quality time on the deck with your kids during the evening.  Leave IPads and smart phones for bed time. The best part of watersport equipment is waking up your inner child. It usually ends up with you using the gear almost as long your kids if not even more.
6 Get kids involved
One of the best features of sailing is having a unique experience. Doesn’t matter if you have skipper or you are skipper involve your whole crew in sailing. I do not believe that there is anybody who didn’t react with a big ”wooow” while seeing hoisting and adjusting a sail for the first time in reality.  Some of our best skippers, even after years and year of sailing, still have little silent ”wow” each time they set the sails. Although sailing demands huge amount of expertise, with professional sailor aboard sailing can be a great fun for your kids but also it can be educational.
7 Education
Beside learning about sailing, your vacation could be a great opportunity to educate yourself and your kids more about local history, hear great local myths and legends and explore local area.
8 Activities
But it should go far more from just sailing, learning and swimming. You should participate with your crew in some activities in local area. Whether it is biking, hiking, kayaking, zip line, rafting or even donkey riding. It is important to keep in mind, while picking a destination, what could we as a family do there   Great thing is, if you are sailing with us, you can just ask us and we will tell you which activities you should try with your family.  
9 But don’t forget yourself
It is a family vacation and kids have a huge role in it, but after you give them IPads with cartoons and sent them to bed, do not forget to enjoy with your better half. We always recommend a nice glass of wine on the deck. You’ll maybe feel a little bit chilly from fresh evening air but do not be confused, our evenings are hot and those fillings you’ll experience are just a first symptoms of falling in love all over again.
10 There is never enough photos and videos
  There are two main reasons why to take as many photos and videos as you can:  
To show everybody how awesome your vacation was
To remind your self during winter everyday routine what is waiting for you next summer again. Do not worry we have all equipment needed for a nice little photo and video memory.  
Now could you tell us that family sailing isn’t the best quality time you can have with your family.
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