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Are you an expert fisherman or want to try your best  and enrich your meal with fresh seafood? Every island and shore in Aegean Sea offers the opportunity to discover your abilities and patience...


Tuna, lobsters and many kinds of big and smaller fishes can be found in many of the places we visit with our yachts. Why not try and see if you have it  or practice your skills while you sail around the most beautiful islands of Greece!





yako sailing fishing1

yako sailing fishgrillEvery yacht is equipped with fishing gear but we can cover, after demand, any wish for amateur or professional fishing. In certain fishing areas you can experience several kinds of fishing such as lobster fishing (visit Sporades for more info) or you can try your luck while you enjoy the perfect scenery along with your company and some beverages to help with the anticipation of success...


And in the end of a successful catch the most delicious and fresh sea food will be on your plates along with other Greek delicatessen! 



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I was very surprised to read this..keep updating same way..
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